Tech City Philly!

Not surprised to learn that Huffington Post has ranked Philly high on their list of Top 10 Citites for Techies!  It’s not to hard to explain either. With the number of elite and highly respected educational institutions concentrated in a dense area, combined with an affordable cost of living and very reasonable access to 3 other major cities (Hello NY, Boston and DC!) one would be foolish not to set up shop in this great city! 


Philly’s Mansion District!

I saw this article on written by Inga Saffron and was surprised to learn that Philadelphia’s Mansion District exists on North Broad St! I’m familiar with the homes in this area but never would I have guessed that its official moniker was North Broad Street Mansion District. There are some great architectural features on these homes and thankfully some still remain in good condition.  Check out the piece yourself or take stroll thru the neighborhood…..

This one’s got potential…..

Keystone Property Group closes deal on acquiring One Belmont Ave.  Most of you know it as the GSB Building along City Ave.  The deal is estimated at $46 million for the 12-story, 245,000 square foot building with massive parking lot.  If the zoning gets approved, this could be a big-deal, mixed used development along a resurgent City Ave corridor.  You can read more here  GSB Building Sold!

GSB Building

Photo Courtesy: Greg Benson